Christmas cookies, the sequel

img_1180Remember our Christmas cookie party last month? I made enough cookie dough for roughly 800 cookies, and we went through maybe one-tenth of it. I had visions of everyone decorating and taking home a dozen or maybe even two dozen cookies. And I prepared for it! What actually happened was that people decorated, like, 3 cookies before getting distracted by talking to each other. Then by the time they got back to decorating, they had eaten not just cookies, but also birthday cake, and they had drunk hot chocolate and were just…completely done with sugar.

So fast forward to now, when I still have a freezer stuffed with cookie dough. Paul said, helpfully, a week or so ago, “Uh, what are you gonna do with all this cookie dough?” And I was like, “I don’t know, make cookies I guess.” We have such interesting conversations.

Yesterday I made thumbprints with raspberry jam out of our leftover sugar cookie dough. They don’t look that great–more like gaping wounds than thumbprints. But they are so good with coffee or tea! I am glad I haven’t started wedding-dress-dieting yet. I have been working out, and I’m proud to have stuck with that for two solid weeks now. But the dieting is still not in effect. Actually I have this crazy idea of making small, sensible changes to my diet, over time rather than all at once. Can I do something that reasonable? I came home from work this evening and Paul had bought a bunch of fruit from the store: apples and blueberries. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll start snacking on fruit instead of thumbprint cookies.” What a good notion. Yes, I’ll start something like that. Soon.

I’ll also start embroidering again soon, I promise. She said with determination!


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