Well I Did It


I finished the ballerina (Misty Copeland, of course) on December 31st and opened my online shop on January 1st. It was not an easy deadline to meet! But I made it, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done so far. Fortunately, what I’ve done has only whetted my appetite for more, and I have zillions of ideas for pieces I want to create going forward. Few things make me happier than settling down on the sofa with coffee and a new project to work on.

Even so, in the interest of avoiding burnout, I am taking a little time off from embroidery to indulge myself in…another craft! Makers gotta make, after all. My lovely soon-to-be in-laws gave me some gorgeous sock yarn for Christmas, and I spent much of Sunday afternoon knitting the cuff of a new sock. It was so nice to just follow someone else’s pattern for a change, knowing everything will turn out well if I just mindlessly obey the instructions. Some people hate that, but I love it. One gets tired of having to be in charge all the time, of having to judge every little decision one makes about where to take one’s creation. Says, without a trace of irony, the new business owner.

Anyway, we had a great New Year’s Eve and Day. On the Eve, after I’d spent the entire day feverishly finishing the above pictured piece and setting up the shop’s site, Paul made chili while I made cinnamon roll dough, and we curled up on the sofa with a bottle of wine, a bowl of popcorn and a movie. We went to bed at 12:05 am, like an old married couple in our early thirties. Then in the morning, I baked the cinnamon rolls, and we had them with eggs, bacon, and mimosas. Then, horrified at ourselves, we went jogging. The next day, striving for balance, I made Mimi’s beet salad with creme fraiche. We were going to jog again this morning, but when the alarm went off early and we heard the cold rain drumming on the windowsill, we just rolled over. Oh well. Baby steps.

A cup of stitches


After years of enjoying embroidery as a pastime, I am starting a blog and a microbusiness in my spare time and hoping to spread the love for this beautiful and relaxing art form. I’m not quite ready to open a shop yet–need to design more pieces and patterns first–but I’ll be posting updates here as things move along, so check back soon if you’re interested. I’m hoping to offer original pieces, patterns, tutorials, and eventually kits, but as with all things embroidered, the process is fun but slow going. Thank you for stopping by!